Monday, July 29, 2019

A Content Analysis of Internet Sites Essay

This study is an analysis of pornography of a violent nature on the internet. There were found to be varied definitions of pornography such as â€Å"sexually explicit material† and â€Å"material that combines sex and or exposure of genitals with abuse or degradation that appears to endorse, condone or encourage such behavior. † The purpose of this study is to explore the harmful effects of pornography on relationships between males and females and not so much the actual content of the sites. There was also a review of earlier research that was done. Prior analysis also included different mediums such as movies and printed magazines. The research design was specific to internet websites that marketed their sites specifically promoting violence and sex. The research included thirty-one such websites. The methods of research were various search engines, links on websites that provided links to other sites and pay for view sites through explicit advertising. Websites were compared by overall content and strong explicit images and text. The findings discovered repetitive themes and images as well as invitations to access interactive websites or programs. Research also found that the setting, type of force, instruments used, number of victims and perpetrators and race were clearly displayed. More details of the victims were revealed while little was revealed about the perpetrators. An Analysis of Intercollegiate Media Guide Cover Photographs The cover photographs marketed a pre-conceived definition of male and female athletes. The focus of this analysis was to determine how men and women athletes are portrayed on and off court based on the cover photographs. The findings were determined by asking the following questions. Was the photograph taken on or off court? Was the athlete in uniform and were they posed? Did the photograph reveal athleticism? Was there sexual suggestion of either femininity or masculinity? It found that media perpetuates inequalities between male and female athletes and influences the viewpoint of the public. Media also tends to promote the muscularity and superiority of men. The physical appearance and femininity of female athletes takes precedence over athletic abilities and performance. Getting Your Body Back This analysis was to determine how the magazine portrayed pregnancy and motherhood relative to fitness. Pregnant women have a great deal of anxiety and corporations take advantage of that and use it to market the importance of fitness before, during and after pregnancy. Fitness is portrayed as a form of empowerment and control in a woman’s life and being out of shape depicts excessiveness, lack of self-control and devalues the femininity of women even during pregnancy. It also portrays fit women as having the capacity to â€Å"do it all. † Works Cited Gill, Jugdeep Kaur. â€Å"Tips on Summary Writing. † 12 October 2008. The Star Online. 16 October 2008

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